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How can brands partner with the right influencers?

In recent news, Australians weigh in on businesses accessing and leveraging their data, EOFY has boosted in-store buys, Nielsen reveals how brands can partner with the right influencers, and NFTs are transforming the types of experiences brands create for their customers.

Australians express their thoughts towards sharing their data

Dentsu has launched its latest Data Consciousness Project report, the fourth of its kind in Australia – which examines how consumers feel about businesses accessing and leveraging their personal data.

Surveying 20,000 people from across 14 countries in Asia Pacific, including 3,900 Australians, it reportedly the most contextualised survey done on attitudes towards data privacy in the region.

The survey explores how Australians have become accustomed to sharing data and accepted personalisation as a marketing tactic yet, growing concerns about privacy security increase. Customers want to understand what companies do with their personal data, how companies are expressing ethical behaviour with the treatment of their data and some feel they are at loss at controlling their data.

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EOFY has boosted retail sales as consumers prefer in-store buys

The retail out-of-home (OOH) sector is in luck, as 65% of consumers suggest they prefer to buy in-store rather than online, according to Shopper’s End of Financial Year (EOFY) study this year.

The study, which surveyed 2,516 Australians last month has revealed almost 9 in 10 shoppers will participate in EOFY sales this year.

Across all categories, more than a third of shoppers are likely to visit retailers in-store before purchasing items, and 48% will spend more time shopping during a sale period.

Brands should keep both consumers and businesses in mind when planning EOFY campaigns, as 75% of business owners spend more in the lead-up tax time than other times of the year.

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More Australians are paying for news but trust is down

Even though more Australians are paying for online news, the trust has fallen to pre-COVID levels. The Digital News Report (DNR): Australia 2022 released by the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre (N&MRC) surveyed more than 2,038 adult Australian news consumers and found many insights into the level of trust Australian’s have differing topics in the news. 

For example, the research team had found that 18% are now paying for news, five points higher than last year and now sitting above the global average (17%). However, in comparison to other online media, news is faring worse when compared to other subscriptions, with 67% of Australians paying for video streaming services, 45% for music and 21% for audio books or podcasts.

The trust in news has increasingly fallen, with higher levels avoidance, showing 77% of those who do not trust news also avoid news. Dr Sora Park, suggests “Many Australians do not believe news media are independent, or that they put society first. And these perceptions are linked to a deep cynicism and mistrust in news.”

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Nielsen reveals how brands can partner with the right influencers

Identifying an influencer that fits the brand’s personality and purpose is something that 86% of Nielsen’s clients represent as a challenge. Nielsen has released ‘Building Better Connections – Using Influencers to Grow Your Brand’, a report social media’s growth in recent years due to Millennials and Gen Z looking to engage with content and search for connections.

As brands make major investments in the world of influencer marketing, the ever-growing number of influencers creates a complex landscape for marketers to navigate.

Identifying an influencer that fits the brand’s personality and purpose is something that 86% of Nielsen’s clients represent as a challenge.

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NFTs are unlocking brand loyalty, reveals Finder

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the art world by storm by creating ways for influencers, musicians, designers, and other creatives to control how their work is distributed.

Finder’s 2021 NFT Adoption Report found that 4.6 percent of Australian internet users currently own an NFT. However, the NFT market is growing at an exponential rate. The global market for NFTs recorded sales of AU$35 billion last year and according to Shopify research, more than one-quarter (27 percent) of Australian and New Zealand consumers said they will likely purchase an NFT this year.

And, while some people think of NFTs as a passing fad or something for the cool kids, brands are tapping into NFTs to create deep connections with consumers and build long-term loyalty.

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