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Hotwire Headlines #86

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, Google Australia has closed out its first year of a new billon dollar initiative, the shift in Aussie consumers behaviour from 2021 to 2022, and Nine’s strategy for total TV. We also explore whether businesses should be quitting Twitter and why the livestream shopping revolution hasn’t happened in Australia. 

Google Australia marks one year of $1billion digital future initiative  

Google Australia has marked the first year of its digital future initiative, the billion-dollar research, partnerships, and infrastructure program which has helped upskill Aussies and drive digital transformation.  

The search giant has launched six projects over the last year, including two focused on digital infrastructure to support growing businesses and a Career Certificate scheme to meet in-demand skills gaps.  

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The livestream shopping revolution hasn’t happened in Australia….yet

The eleventh day of November came and went unassumingly in Australia, but in China, the biggest online shopping festival known to the e-commerce world, Alibaba Singles Day, was making a splash. 

In a flurry of brand promotions and sales events, more than 300 million consumers this year have tuned in to one single promotional channel – livestream rooms. 

The concept itself is simple, usually involving one or more showroom hosts to promote products via live videos, sometimes over a period of several hours. However, the enticing format is a case the West can’t seem to crack, with a lack of prominent case studies and integration with long-term strategies. 

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Nine’s plans for total TV 

Australia’s channel Nine is coming after Google and Facebook to expand the market for total television. 

The media group last week held a total television briefing for market analysts at its head office in North Sydney. 

Analysts at Goldman Sachs say the Nine executives provided insight into meaningful BVOD yield. This outlook is supported by: Live BVOD viewership; recognition of BVOD co-viewing (75% minutes on connected TV); the launch of measurement VOZ data in February to purchase both FTA/BVOD ads. 

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Should businesses be quitting twitter 

In the last few weeks, we have watched the Twittersphere begin to unravel as Elon Musk continues to make significant changes, gearing up in preparation for his “Twitter 2.0”. The changes have included large scale redundancies and the controversial reinstatement of social media users. 

The consequences for the platform have already been costly. High profile brands Volkswagen, United Airlines and Audi among others have suspended ad spend or deleted their accounts on the platform altogether. With these mainstream brands deserting the platform should we be considering the impact on the broader social discourse? 

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The Aussie consumer in 2022 – Living local, seeking pleasure, metaverse ready & fearing normal 

The latest edition from FiftyFive5’s Australia Pulse report lifts the lid on the Australian consumer and the shift in behaviours from 2021 to 2022. It explores the sentiments and drivers for behavioural patterns initially shaped during Covid19 and how they quickly define our new way of living. 

To say we are coming out of a period of significant disruption is an understatement. Experts are aligned that we are headed into a decade of change as we wrestle with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, inflation, a shift away from globalisation, supply chain issues and facing the economic and behavioural challenges of addressing climate change. 

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