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Hotwire Headlines #87

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, Twitter changes their strategy by appointing a new brand safety lead and Spotify wrapped has also gone live this week being shared by millions – is this marketing genius? We also explore key trends heading into the new year, by analysing what good influences look like, is Web3 the future of marketing and why Australia’s digital ad spend has boomed. 

Twitter changes brand safety approach, appoints new brand safety lead 

AJ Brown has been appointed as Twitter’s new head of brand strategy and has explained its changed approach to keeping companies safe.   

Brown was formerly Twitter’s global manager, monetisation integrity and moved into his new role in November. 

Brown has shared a blog post on Twitter, explaining the company’s changed approach to brand safety. The company said that it was “embarking on a new chapter, but our steadfast commitment to this mission has not changed.” 

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Spotify Wrapped is being shared by millions worldwide, is marketing genius? 

Each year the leading streaming platform Spotify releases Wrapped – a personalised end of year retrospective.  

Spotify describes Wrapped as, “Where Spotify listeners get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year.”  

The highly anticipated “Wrapped” marketing campaign has been running annually since 2016. To keep it fresh and engaging, each year is a little different. 2022 Wrapped dropped last week with two exciting new features – “Listening Personality” and “Audio Day.” 

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Outlook 2023: This is what good influence looks like 

2022 has been a big year for the Influencer marketing circuit, the boom of TikTok has created a space for influencers to engage with brands and reach a new realm of targeted audiences. 

AdNews spoke with social media and influencer marketing experts Sharyn Smith, Emma Barnes and Katie Palmer-Rose to gauge their predictions for the year ahead. 

The managing director of influencer marketing agency, Social Soup, Katie Palmer-Rose predicts that the year ahead will shine a light on what good influence looks like. 

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Are NFT’s, Web3, and The Metaverse the future of marketing? 

Michelle Grey, co-founder and CEO of NFT creator platform and Web3 creative agency Culture Vault explained that Web3 and NFTs were the next step in building loyal customer bases. 

“It’s a really good way to galvanise communities around membership, loyalty, and rewards. The adoption isn’t quite there yet but, the things I’m talking about — creating loyalty rewards and membership — are still very nascent.” 

In many ways, the overriding theme of Right Click Save was building communities. 

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Australia digital ad spend booms while linear TV staggers into 2023: Magna Forecast 

Digital advertising continues to be a powerhouse of the Australian advertising market in 2022. As the category spend grew by 9% to reach $12.1 billion (A$16.2 billion), it represented 72% of Australia’s total ad spending, a Magna report found. 

This category growth is led by mobile advertising spending, which will increase by 12% to $8.4 billion (A$11.2 billion). By format, search increased by 12%, video by 12%, and social media by 7%. 

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