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As Netflix password-sharing heads for Australia, the streamer is giving advertisers their money back 

Netflix is reportedly giving some Australian advertisers their money back after failing to meet audience expectations just three months after it launched its ad-supported subscription plan. 

Multiple advertisers that spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald anonymously said that Netflix was refunding their money, believing that it would not be able to deliver the audience numbers it promised upon signing year-long agreements with brands. 

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Study: A third of Aussies use social to research brands 

Meltwater and We Are Social have released Digital 2023 Australia, their latest annual report highlighting the most notable findings on digital trends and social media in Australia. 

The research highlights the growing significance of digital in Australia, with internet usage and social media engagement reaching new heights. According to the study, 96.2 per cent of the population, or 25.31 million people, are internet users, and the number of active social media users stands at 21.30 million, or 81 per cent of the population. 

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Tech companies race to launch AI chatbots 

Tech conglomerates are racing to launch their own AI chatbots to enhance their search engines, following the global success of Open AI’s ChatGPT. 

This week Google announced its own AI service Bard and Bing will be powered by ChatGPT – both aim to enhance user searching. 

While the underlying AI technology is open-source and has existed for several years, Chris Bower, CEO – dentsu solutions, told AdNews, the big shift has been the ability to train AI to understand unprecedented amounts of data which then creates such shockingly good answers to human questions. 

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Does TikTok spark ‘joy’ for Gen Z and Millenials? A guide for brands 

The video platform powerhouse has released a new report highlighting what ‘sparks joy’ for Gen Z and Millennials.  

TikTok partnered with cultural insights and strategy agency, Crowd DNA to explore eight emerging ‘codes of joy’ in the Australian TikTok community. The report provided insights for brands to take into consideration in their marketing strategies.  

The findings are divided into four key dimensions, including ‘Me’, ‘We’, ‘Purpose’ and ‘Play’. 

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A third of Aussies think brands endorse the online content their ads appear next to 

More than a third of Australian consumers think brands endorse the content that its ads were adjacent to in an online video environment. The research was undertaken by technology and data platform Channel Factory and IPG Mediabrands’ Magna. 

The study, named The Art of Alignment, explored the concept of ‘grey content’, which refers to the type of materials that may not necessarily be deemed unsafe but is generally not aligned with a brand’s value or voice. 

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