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Hotwire Headlines #79

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, both an editorial series on cost of living and a decoding crypto series have kicked off on News Corp and Nova podcast, respectively. Recent marketing strategies were brought to light on influencer ad spending and how social proofing has become a powerful method to sway decision-making

News Corp launches cost of living editorial series

News Corp Australia has launched a six-week cost of living editorial series, Smart Savers, to help navigate the rising cost of living.

The research News Corp Australia had published says that consumers are spending, on average, 60% of their incomes on bare essentials including food, fuel, housing and insurance – the prices of which are all under pressure.

Peter Blunden, News Corp Australia’s National Executive Editor had stated “Our role is to help readers ease the pain of inflation with real solutions. And we’re keen to hear the best ideas from our audiences. It’s a campaign you can’t afford to miss.”

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New Decoding Crypto Series lands On Nova Podcast

The NOVA podcast network has released its latest show, Decoding Crypto, which aims to help Aussies understand the nuances of everything from Bitcoin to blockchain.

Financial journalist Edwina Stott and Collective Shift CEO Ben Simpson will host the new show, explaining the key factors of the crypto revolution. The show airs on the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network with a new episode dropping every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Coming at a time when many Aussies are struggling with the cost of living and inflation, the podcast will break down key factors of cryptocurrency for potential new buyers looking to get in after the heavy dips in value many cryptocurrencies faced earlier this year.

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Influencer ad spend are being held up in Australia

Influencers say ad spending hasn’t slowed in Australia despite reports that the economic conditions are dragging at the budgets of brands.

Advertisers are reportedly reconsidering marketing spend on influencers, cancelling campaigns, reducing influencer fees and brokering gifting-only deals.

However, in Australia members from the Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) say there is certainly no slowing down. Leaders highlight how influencer marketing has in fact been rapidly growing and is a core channel for many of their client however, many do desire authenticity. When opportunities with influencers are being explored, leaders suggest the need of a genuine impact to both the relationship with their audience and the brand.

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Social proof isn’t dull – it’s the most powerful marketing strategy you have

Everyone likes to feel as if they’re making a good decision, whether they are choosing a job, product or service. That’s why many can’t be helped but copy the actions of their peers. It boosts their confidence in thinking they have made the right choice.

Even the most independent thinkers will, consciously or unconsciously, be influenced by the buying habits of others. This exemplifies why social proof and user-generated content prove incredibly effective marketing strategies.

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Organisations partner up; Fiverr and Selina join forces to help young workers always on the move

Online marketplace for freelance work, Fiverr International Ltd. has announced a new partnership with Selina, one of the world’s largest experiential hospitality brands built to address the needs of millennial and Gen Z travelers.

The purpose of the partnership is to provide Anywhere Workers (i.e. people who work remotely while travelling from at least two locations, domestic or international, throughout the year), the opportunity to find community and connect with like-minded individuals during their travels. The partnership with Selina also includes the ability for these workers to connect through in-person events and meetups as a means to combat one of the key issues they face: loneliness.

The Selina experience is carefully designed to bring a sense of community to today’s digital nomad, travellers, and locals alike. By building connection through travel, it creates a sense of community and fulfilment.

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