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Drive sustainable growth with the right data

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The conversation around data and measurement is a perennial in our industry. It is perhaps best nourished with rich material during November, when AMEC celebrate measurement month with multiple events. So how can learnings from the conversations be turned into actions to spur business growth through pr, communications and marketing?  At Hotwire, as proud members of AMEC, we’re thrilled to invite you to explore the rich calendar of events, here. Inspired by the ongoing conversations that have already been instigated internally, we’re eager to share insights on how data can be harnessed more effectively within the communications industry. 

Digging Deeper into Data

Data is like the soil in a garden, laying the groundwork for growth. When nurtured effectively across your team and business, you are more likely to grow your audience by unearthing the very stories they want to read. As communication professionals, it’s crucial to understand how data can be instrumental in tracking the impact of communication and PR activities on business objectives, creating a tangible connection with target audiences, and contributing significantly to overall business growth. Crafting objectives with precision and accurately tracking performance becomes pivotal in distinguishing between superficial vanity metrics and those that truly drive long-term success. 

In the realm of media measurement, where the focus was once centred on output, we now find ourselves measuring outcomes and KPIs that align with broader business objectives.  

Start by sampling the soil 

The media landscape is often crowded with a myriad of voices, making it challenging to formulate a PR strategy that cuts through the noise and delivers the messages our audiences are looking to hear. Imagine having a tool that guides us in understanding what our audiences seek and what they really want to know about the industry. 

Enter intent data. By using intent data, you can quickly discern audience preferences and discover where they seek information from, reducing the time previously spent pulling this information together from a variety of sources. Armed with this insight, you have the information to be able to craft targeted and, more importantly, relevant PR and communication strategies. 

Sow the seeds of lasting change  

To foster a lasting measurement culture, the value and impact of data must resonate across all levels, captivating both internal and external stakeholders. Investing in data-driven narratives becomes crucial when presenting your communication strategy, particularly when stakeholders invariably pose the question, ‘What is the impact of PR on the company’s bottom line?’ 

Stake your measurement framework 

A measurement framework enables the creation of dashboards that highlight emerging themes and topics dominating the industry so you’re always on top of key conversations. A robust framework is indispensable for measuring the effectiveness of current and future communication strategies. 

Encompassing earned and owned media, and with key visuals that bring to life share of voice, reputation analysis, and emerging themes. This framework is vital for clients who want to keep abreast of key conversations. 

Hotwire’s data and analytics offering, CommsIQ, is a solution that effectively measures communication impact, related to the client and competitors. CommsIQ offers clear visibility into how communication outputs land with audiences, aids in reporting progress towards business objectives, uncovers key success factors, assesses which channel is most effective, and lays the groundwork for future strategies. 

Adapt as you grow

With a comprehensive dashboard solution like CommsIQ, the impact of communication activities on strategic goals becomes evident. Leaders can discern the effectiveness of various channels, from PR to Social, all in one place. These live capabilities empower communication leaders to free up their time for more strategic work to adapt and shift strategies that deliver what their audiences need the most. 

Embark on your measurement journey with confidence. Take your first steps towards a future where data is not just a tool but a strategic ally in achieving communication excellence.