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HotTakes: What is the Pandemic Doing to Industrial Innovation?

As COVID-19 uncovers unsung strengths, unknown weaknesses and unconsidered gaps in the industrial sector, companies are having to quickly rethink processes products and workforce support. Capabilities like remote diagnostics went from a ‘nice-to-have’ to required when employees were forced to work from home. This also has led to other challenges like companies having to make investments in cyber securities that may be invisible to shareholders and customers.

This are just a few of the topics covered when Sarah Kalhorn, of Hotwire’s Industrial Technology practice, talked with Steven Freedman, global head of the Hoistway Information Systems business for CEDES AG, and Keith Larson, VP of Content at Putnam Media. The three sat down to talk about how a global pandemic is transforming industrial innovation as it’s increasingly clear that this ecosystem is both ripe for new solutions, and that every partnership can impact a brand.

CEDES is a global leader in 3D sensing technology for safety and information systems, automation, monitoring, industrial computers and controls. For more than 80 years, Putman Media has cultivated a loyal, engaged audience that reaches deep into some of the world’s most important manufacturing markets – including chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals – covering asset reliability, industrial automation and smart, connected manufacturing.

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