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Hotwire Headlines #24

Trends and innovations to deliver impact.

While Hotwire continues to help tech enabled companies deliver business outcomes through innovative strategic marketing; we (the people behind the brand) will share the latest trends and insights in Hotwire Headlines. So, you’ll remain at the forefront of innovation too.

This week, we look at the launch of Australia’s newest social media app, Yubu, a new report into digital advertising trends, a resurgence of traditional corporate communications in a post-COVID world and more.

Gen Z focused social media app Yubo launches in Australia with new ad campaign

Yubo, the newest social media app to hit the scene, has launched in Australia. The platform is already boasting more than 40 million Gen Z followers around the world including 1.1 million in Australia. Its latest campaign is aimed at boosting further growth in Australia. With the company pushing users to socialise and interact in an authentic way, this creates an opportunity for marketers to engage Gen Z on a more genuine and targeted level.

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The importance of personalised CRM communications in building trust

Targeted communications and messaging is vital to retaining customer trust. This has been especially true over the past year. Here, a hospitality group outlines the role CRM communications plays in building long-lasting customer relationships. With suggested focus areas including everything from understanding your audience to the importance and benefit of targeted messaging. It’s about telling the right story through the right channel with the right messaging.

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Australians still don’t feel in control of their online personal data

New research shows almost eight out of ten Australians don’t feel like they have enough control over their online data, citing concerns over how it’s being collected. Additionally, Australians reported the highest level of confusion on data use among consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the country heading towards a cookieless environment, the communications industry is under growing pressure to adopt a fairer and more transparent identity solution. This is something all marketers should consider in building a trustworthy and transparent brand.

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The renaissance of traditional corporate communications

Over the past year, we have seen sweeping changes across the communications industry, with many having to pivot dramatically to stay ahead. One of the most significant areas that saw a resurgence was the need for reputation building and the repositioning of company values and purpose. From issues and reputation management to employee engagement, many businesses are having to look back to align with present and evolving customer expectations.

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Understanding the growing trend of consumer activism

Consumers voting with their dollar is not a new trend. With consumer activism on the rise businesses are now seeing the power consumers have, effectively or not – to make a difference. Boycotting has evolved into ‘buy-cotting’ with consumer purchasing influenced by political or environmental trends. However, when an issue becomes polarised, some brands only consider the two spectrums of the argument – while failing to reach out to the vast middle ground and the large consumer body that makes this group up.

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