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Hotwire Headlines #43

Hotwire Australia

How tech brands can overcome fear and distrust with communications

In recent news, tech brands are told why their products won’t reach their full potential without communications, new research shows Australian customers have the highest expectations in APAC, and a recent survey reveals three quarters of Australian business leaders are more concerned about misinformation than before the pandemic.

Why tech products and communications must never be mutually exclusive

In this opinion piece, Jaime Nelson, Manage Director of Hotwire Australia, argues that tech brands and products won’t ever reach their full potential without a good old fashioned dose of communications too.

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A company is only as good as its customer service, says two thirds of Aussie consumers

Genesys’s Connected Customer Experience report revealed that Australian consumers have the highest expectations and feel most strongly that a company is on as good as its customer service, compared to the rest of APAC. The report states the pandemic left nearly one-third of Australians feeling less connected, which has a huge impact on how Australians engage with companies. For example, the use of live webchat, chatbots and email increased across the board, and 1 in 10 Australians admitted to calling customer service just to hear a human voice.

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What Australian social media marketers can learn from Kiwi brands

Mosh recently published its annual New Zealand Facebook & Instagram Report, analysing the top performing brands on social media and how they increased engagement in a volatile global market. The Australian landscape might be wider but the fundamental lessons are the same. For those looking to augment their social media strategies, Mosh’s partner and head of talking Jon Randles shares four key learnings.

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Australian business leaders are more concerned about misinformation than before the pandemic

A recent survey of Australia-based senior business leaders conducted by BBC Global News has found that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how Australian business leaders consume, engage and share news. It also highlighted a changing outlook among business leaders who are increasingly concerned about misinformation. For example, 72 per cent of respondents indicating that they are now more concerned about misinformation than they were before the pandemic, with 70 per cent also believing that misinformation could be harmful for society.

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Instagram launches discovery tool in Australia

Instagram’s new tool, Map Search, will make it easier for its users to find small businesses in their area. Once nearby places are shown on the map, users can then filter them by categories such as restaurants and beauty salons. Instagram is billing the tool as a way to support small businesses who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

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