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Hotwire Headlines #54

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Are brands and publishers, or social media platforms, responsible for managing online trolls?

In recent news, the Australian Government proposes a new bill targeting and managing online trolls, more top trends of 2022 are unveiled, and magazine readership has a resurgence amid the pandemic.

New bill makes social media platforms liable for defamation by ‘online trolls’

The Federal Government will be introducing a bill that will target anonymous “online trolls” and strengthen defamation laws, with the draft legislation expected to be released during the week.

The proposed legislation will reverse the recent High Court of Australia decision that found news publishers could be liable for defamatory comments made on their social media pages.

Social media platforms will also be required to help manage online trolls by establishing a standardised complaints system, in addition to allowing users who feel that they have been attacked anonymously online to request the true identity of the perpetrator.

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Flying taxis and crypto rewards among the top 13 trends of 2022

Trend forecast firm WGSN has released the top trends in consumer behaviour and product development for 2022 and beyond.

Informed by WGSN’s unique methodology, the top trends for 2022 include direct-to-avatar commerce, flying taxis, fermented beauty, crypto rewards, waterless washing, wearable temperateure control, indoor trees and more.

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Report: Social commerce appetite firming up

A new Essence report shows shopping through social media channels is growing in popularity locally and globally, with 71 per cent of Australian consumers surveyed highly likely or likely to buy from social channels in the future.

Additionally, 50 per cent of respondents had participated in live shopping and conversational commerce, with 80 per cent enjoying the shopping experience. As online eCommerce continues to boom, the report highlights the growing importance of social commerce channels and the need for brands and marketers to explore this thriving space.

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Report: Magazine readership numbers climb during COVID-19

A new Roy Morgan report has found COVID-19 led to a resurgence for Australian magazines, with more readers turning to print during the pandemic.

It’s believed people have been reading more than usual due to more free time and an increased desire to enjoy escapist experiences. The report found a 15.2 million Australians read magazines in print and online formats, with over 11.1 million Australians (aged 14+) reading print magazines.

For marketers, a resurgence in print readership presents an opportunity to reengage with audiences in the space while other brands remain focused on digital and online content.

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Snap launches industry first multi-format delivery

Snap is rolling out their new advertising product – multi-format delivery.

The product will offer brands the opportunity to capture all of Snap’s multiple advertising formats in one cohesive ad set, shifting media buying on the platform towards a more multi-product approach to drive performance.

The product launch will include all of Snap’s video ad formats, including Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and Commercials and will feature Snap’s camera offerings augmented reality (AR) by Q2 of 2022.

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