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How can marketers reach more Australians through social media?

In recent news, Australia’s top 100 most valuable brands are revealed, a new report highlights the growth in the influencer marketing industry, and research shows consumers expect brands and advertisers to solve climate change.

Facebook and YouTube top potential reach for Australian ads online

We Are Social and Hootsuite has released the 2022 Digital Overview report, examining global data across social media, the internet, mobile and e-commerce.

The report highlights how social media remains a crucial channel for brands to engage their audience, with Facebook found to reach 69.5 per cent of the Australian population potentially, Snapchat reaching 33.6 per cent, Pinterest 20.5 per cent, and for the over 18 population, YouTube reached 89.3%. The report also found Australians to be using an average of six different social platforms, demonstrating the impact social media has on consumer lives, globally and locally.

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Report: State of Influencer Marketing 2022

HypeAuditor has released its third annual report, State of Influencer Marketing 2022, unveiling key 2021 influencer marketing trends across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

The report highlighted that the influencer marketing industry has continued to gain popularity in 2021, partly due to the increased reliance of consumers on social media as e-commerce platforms, predicting that the global Instagram influencer market will grow from $19.3 billion in 2021 to $31 billion by 2025.

Further driving this growth has been the redistribution of advertising budgets from television and offline towards digital advertising and societal changes such as more politicians joining social platforms to connect with the younger generation.

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Brand Finance: Australia’s most valuable brands 2022

The total value of Australia’s top 100 brands has risen by 11 per cent to $161 billion according to the new 2022 Brand Finance Australia 100 ranking. All major Australian industries have risen in total brand value, including banking (7 per cent), mining (27 per cent), telecoms (10 per cent), and retail (15 per cent).

Brand Finance comments that the COVID-19 pandemic largely spurred this trend as consumers spent more time at home seeking not just entertainment but also online shopping and home improvement projects. Bands able to embrace e-commerce and those offering essential goods and services have forged ahead, with 16 of the 17 retailers in the report recording brand value growth.

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Report: consumers now expect brands & advertisers to solve climate change

Strategic research and consulting agency, Fifth Dimension, has released the results of its worldwide research into sustainability and what consumers want governments and companies to do about it.

The report found trust in the government concerning sustainability action has lowered with consumers instead turning to companies to step up, with private enterprises having a moral obligation to act against climate change.

While most respondents firmly believe companies will always prioritise their self-interests over any obligation to society, they also think companies that have moved to implement ethical supply chains have done so because they genuinely believe it is the right thing to do.

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Business Insider Australia to close

Business Insider Australia is set to close, following its parent company’s decision to wind up the local publishing licence, currently with Nine. After an 11-year deal with Nine and formerly Allure Media (Fairfax), the licensing agreement with the publisher, Insider Inc, will change in March.

Following a rebranding of Business Insider to Insider globally in 2021, the dedicated Business Insider Australia website and team will cease to exist.

As a result, business coverage, including broad coverage of the Asian and Australian markets, will be directed through Insider’s APAC bureau, based in Singapore.

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