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Hotwire Headlines #68

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How will marketers tackle data deprecation?

In recent news, LinkedIn releases its APAC report highlighting the growth in ‘green hiring’, Forrester finds 99% of marketers are struggling with data deprecation, and Adobe research reveals how brand trust continues to impact purchase decisions and recommendations.

Australian Electoral Commission and Snapchat unite to get younger voters more involved in the elections

In a bid to further educate and engage young voters in this year’s federal election, Snap Australia and the Australian Electoral Commission have launched a series of in-app tools on Snapchat, to leverage the power of AI and premium, drive enrollments, educate on voter services and share key information around polling day.

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LinkedIn is set to release APAC results from Inaugural Green Skills report

Aiming to highlight the fastest-growing green skills, jobs and industries to bring professionals closer to the opportunities of tomorrow, LinkedIn looks at some of the key stats from the environment and sustainability jobs market.

According to the report, Australia is one of the leading APAC countries in green hiring at 51% – being on par with global trends. The top sectors hiring green talent include construction, corporate services, energy and mining, public administration and manufacturing.

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Report reveals almost all marketers struggling with data deprecation thanks changes in cookie and privacy laws

According to the Data Deprecation Challenge and Promise of Zero-Party Data report by Forrester, 99% marketers are impacted by data deprecation thanks to the demise of cookies and browser tracking restrictions. Challenges include acquiring customer data, cross-selling and upselling, tracking customer journeys across channels and touchpoints and creating personalised messaging and experiences.

In response, nine in 10 said their firms are planning to capture more zero-party data within 12 months. Yet 42% of respondents said they don’t know how to use the zero-party data they have effectively, 40% claimed to both have such data and to be using it, while 15% said zero-party data access is limited.

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Report: brand trust impacts purchase decisions and recommendations

According to recent research conducted by Adobe with more than 1000 Australian consumers, more than two-thirds make purchases and recommendations today based on the trust they place in brands. On the flip side, 76 per cent would stop purchasing if they deemed the brand no longer trustworthy, and 57 per cent have already quit at least one brand a year for this very reason. Many consumers will also opt out of communications, cancel subscriptions and post negative social reviews if they feel privacy and trust are compromised.

So, what are some of the tools and approaches leading brands are taking to ensure they are building a connection that engenders trust?

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