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What is attracting marketing talent amidst a skills shortage?

In recent news, research reveals a skills shortage amongst marketing talent, millennials are finding non-traditional ways to generate and invest their wealth, brands are spending more than ever on social media, and streaming ads are falling short.

Marketers finding it hard to recruit creative talent

Most B2B marketing leaders in Australia say confidence in creative campaigns is growing but they worry marketing talent is being attracted more to the consumer side, according to research by LinkedIn.

Marketers who believe B2B companies have become more confident with producing creative campaigns recognise that creativity is essential to long-term brand building (42%).

And that this helps drive memorability among customers (25%), which is spurring them to reach new creative heights.

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Skills shortages are driving marketing salaries up

Marketing talent pay cheques are on the rise, with more than eight in 10 employers expecting to increase salaries in their next review.

That’s one of the key findings of Hays’ new FY22-23 Marketing and Digital Salary Guide. The recruitment firm found 83 per cent of marketing employers will increase salaries in the next review, up from 58 per cent year-on-year.

Over two-third of respondents (69 per cent) said they’re being forced to offer higher salaries than planned because of the marketing talent and skills shortage.

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Millennials confident about financial skills amid rising cost of living

As the cost of living crisis deepens amid rising interest rates and an uncertain economic outlook, only 14% of Australians under the age of 40 feel “extremely confident” about their financial skills, new research by Nine and The Lab has revealed.

To be unveiled at Nine’s State of the Nation Finance virtual event today, the research reveals that despite Australians aged 18-39 consuming more content and information about money and business than ever, fewer people now feel extremely confident than in 2021, when the figure was 20%. But in an era where housing affordability has been at an all-time low, the research uncovers how a new generation of investors is building wealth like never before.

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Nielsen Report Shows Brands are Spending More than Ever Before on Social Media

Nielsen has released an interesting new report, “Building Better Connections – Using Influencers to Grow Your Brand” that looks at how social media has seen explosive growth in recent years due to Millennials and Gen Zers looking to engage with content and search for connections.

The power of an influencer is in their followers, and many have incredible reach. But if influencers and their followers aren’t properly targeted, their impact will be limited.

This leads us to the ultimate question – how do brands partner with the right influencers?

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Streaming media ads served to audiences not watching

Streaming media services regularly keep serving ads even though viewers have turned off and left the room.

In the US, a study by GroupM and iSpot found that on average 8% to 10% of streaming impressions play when the TV is shut off.

Companies including Disney, Fox/Tubi, LG Ads Solutions, NBCUniversal, Paramount, VIZIO and Warner Bros Discovery have committed to working  with agencies, advertisers, and standards-setting bodies to create a measurement framework and best practices to ensure ads are only counted when delivered to screens that are on, with people in front of them.

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