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Hotwire Headlines #82

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, studies show this year’s top 10 biggest digital ad spenders in Australia, how Aussie twitter users become “hyper-aware” of greenwashing, the revenue risk from ignoring CTV, the impact of Augmented Reality, and why marketers are expected to overcorrect to performance marketing in 2023. 

Aussie Twitter users becoming “hyper-aware” of greenwashing

IPG, Manga and Twitter Australia have analysed more than six million tweets and found that Aussies are becoming “hyper-aware” of greenwashing. 

The agencies and Twitter commissioned Black Swan Data to dig into Australians’ feelings about sustainability and how brands can ensure they stay on the pulse and away from controversy. The four big findings, while not especially surprising, offer instructive guidance for brands navigating sustainability on socials. 

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The immersive impact of Augmented Reality

In a digital world that is cluttered in all forms and forums, how can brands cut through the clutter? How can they reach their target audience, and captivate them in a way that is meaningful and experiential?  

Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful tool that visually enhances the real world. Consumers often use AR for fun and play or as part of their communication, while businesses use it to streamline processes, reduce human error and support training.  

A recent study from Oxford Economics found that AR will soon be used across a wide variety of industries, and we’ll see a 10-fold increase in value by next year.  

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Top 10 biggest digital ad spenders in Australia this year

New data from the marketing intelligence platform, Pathmatics, has revealed the top ten Australian brands when it comes to digital ad spend from 1 January to 5 October 2022. 

Pathmatics APAC managing director, Tom Cui, told Mumbrella: “We’ve got a mixed bag of brands across a variety of sectors featuring in our top digital ad spends for 2022 so far.” 

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Ignoring CTV risks leaving serious revenue on the table

Advertising is set to define the next phase of streaming, yet advertisers still aren’t giving connected TV (CTV) the time of day – and their budgets are worse for it.  

The streaming wars have been raging over the past few years, pitting some of the world’s biggest media companies against each other in the race to win subscribers. Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Nine and Foxtel locally, are all embroiled in the same fight for attention and revenue.  

The verdict’s still out on who the winner will be, but it’s clear that if there’s been one loser from this fight, it’s been, advertisers. But all of that is about to change, and the power is going to be in marketers’ hands.  

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Marketers are expected to overcorrect to performance marketing again in 2023

A doubling down on growth in 2023 in the face of tough economic conditions could result in too many marketing leaders trying to rack up quick performance hits at the expense of building brand equity. 

When it comes to B2C marketing, its expected market volatility in 2023 is to force marketers to play it safe. As a result, it’s predicting CMOs will ‘overcorrect’, diverting test-and-learn budgets focused on improving brand experiences to performance media channels.  

At the same time, martech costs are expected to go up, taking up more of the budget.   

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