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Hotwire Headlines #83

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, studies reveal Australia’s most favoured sustainable brands, when to start Black Friday marketing, what the metaverse means for retail and consumer goods, an analysis into Netflix ads and why Facebook ad revue has fallen by almost 300 million in APAC. 

Australia’s most favoured sustainable brands 

Nielsen has released its first independent Brand Sustainability Report ranking how Australian consumers perceive the sustainability efforts of 247 leading brands. 

The report shows that the top three brands viewed most favourably by consumers for their sustainability efforts. 

With support from Dentsu, AANA, and EDGE Environment, Nielsen’s Brand Sustainability Report provides an industry-recognised assessment standard to rate the effectiveness of a brand’s sustainability communication efforts. 

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When is the best time to start Black Friday marketing 

In a digital world that is cluttered in all forms and forums, how can brands cut through the

With the end of year peak season just around the corner, the next two months are the most important for Australian retailers. 

The first major sales event of the season, Black Friday, falls on 25 November this year. While this event has its roots in the brick-and-mortar world of Thanksgiving weekend in the US, today it is a major traffic driver to Australian eCommerce stores.   

Understanding web traffic trends behind events like these can help retailers make strategic digital marketing decisions to make the most out of days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the Australian favourite, Boxing Day. 

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What the Metaverse means for retail and consumer goods 

The metaverse is creating an entirely new feedback loop and opportunity for business. Its enabling metaverse experiences at all layers of our stack, so customers can more effectively model, automate, simulate and predict changes within their industrial environments, feel a greater sense of presence in the new world of hybrid work and create custom immersive worlds to enable new opportunities for connection and experimentation. 

At Microsoft, we break down the metaverse into three strategies: consumer, enterprise, and industrial. Each strategy unlocks specific use cases based on related opportunities and enabling technologies. This breakdown offers an effective way for retailers to identify where metaverse can have an impact, providing context to dive deeper into specific use cases. 

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Netflix ads: pay TV, or something new entirely 

With the launch of its ad funded tier Netflix has the potential to create a seismic shift in terms of media and creative opportunities, argues Connecting Plots’ Tim Collier. Here’s what he learned from watching and spending time on the newest ad-funded platform. 

Netflix has profoundly impacted viewing behaviour in the past few years, essentially birthing a generation of zombie TV bingers and challenging the weekly episodic experience TV networks had pioneered for decades. 

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Facebook ad revenues fall by almost 300 million in APAC 

Meta’s advertising revenue has dropped again, causing its share price to plummet, as it faces stiffer competition from the likes of TikTok. 

In the three months running up to the end of September, Meta pulled in almost $42 billion of advertising revenue. That might sound impressive, but it was down more than $2 billion from the preceding quarter and $9 billion from Q4 in 2021. 

In APAC, Meta’s ad revenue declined by almost $300 million compared to the previous quarter. 

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