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Hotwire Headlines #88

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, Canva joins the bandwagon with an AI copywriting assistant, Meltwater report highlights the dominant social platforms for APAC marketers and Analytic Partners reveals the brand messaging that will win over consumers in 2023. We also explore the evolution of native advertising and why media agencies are positive about 2023 despite economic uncertainties. 

Canva joins the bandwagon with AI copywriting assistant 

The internet has spoken, as the popularity of AI copywriting rises, Canva has released Canva Docs and Magic Write.  

The functionality of Canva Docs takes Google Docs to a whole new level. It includes bringing visuals and text together in an engaging way – aesthetically pleasing as well. The new feature will allow us to share ideas in a more interesting way, taking boring and basic to creative and engaging.  

As the AI industry continues to dominate, the copywriting industry has taken a fall. As AI copywriting bots can write anything that you think. Canva has launched Magic Write, which does exactly that. 

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Report: Facebook remains dominant social platform for APAC marketers; TikTok lags but growing 

Social and media intelligence platform Meltwater, has released its “State of Social Media 2023” report, revealing Facebook remains the dominant social media platform for APAC marketers, closely followed by LinkedIn and Instagram. Despite TikTok being named the fastest growing social media channel, it seems it is yet to be leveraged by marketers at the same rate as those well-established platforms. 

The report, which includes findings from over 1700 global marketing and communications professionals, found that the majority of organisations are using at least four of the most common social media platforms within their strategy. 

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Analytics Partners: Brand messaging will win customers in 2023 

Analytics Partners has found that 80 per cent of brand messaging outperforms performance messaging – a trend that it expects to continue in 2023 amid difficult economic conditions.  

The marketing analytics company analysed hundreds of billions in marketing spend to create its latest ROI Genome Insight Report, “The Marketer’s Guide to Survive (Even Thrive) in 2023”, which offers guidance to marketers ahead of 2023. 

According to Analytic Partners’ analysis, 80 percent of brand messaging outperforms performance messaging, and dominates are the best long-term strategy to win over customers and their loyalty in a tumultuous era of high inflation, job insecurity, and economic volatility. 

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Inside the evolution of native advertising

Native advertising has seen strong gains over the past decade and publishers, marketers and advertisers have all had to adapt in order to integrate the innovation into their plans. 

One of the key players in this space has been Outbrain, the discovery and native advertising platform who have helped lead the market in adoption and understanding of native advertising, partnering with the likes of Nine, ACM and Pedestrian Group, among others in Australia. 

AdNews spoke to Ayal Steiner, VP of global ad revenue and Andrew Burke, MD for APAC and growth markets, about the role personalisation plays for publishers, the digitisation of news and the impact that third-party cookie deprecation is set to have for advertisers.   

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Media agencies positive about 2023 despite economic uncertainties: IMAA  

Digital advertising continues to be a powerhouse of the Australian advertising market in 2022. As the

Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) members are positive about the 2023 outlook, as more than half (60%) expect to grow between 10% and 20% and more next year, according to the latest Pulse survey. 

While economic uncertainties still linger in the background for 2023, most agencies expect growth especially in the second half of next year. This follows a turbulent but positive outcome of 2022, with 67% of agencies up by between 10% and 20% and more in revenue. 

Among media channels, digital looks to be the big winner in 2023 for increased investment.   

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