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Hotwire Headlines #89

Emma Phillpot

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In recent news, Yahoo and Scope3 have teamed up to create a carbon-neutral private ad marketplace, Instagram is changing up its main navigation, and Mumbrella shares what you missed over the holiday season. We also explore YouTube’s rollout of its revenue-sharing program and The ACCC investigation into influencer marketing.   

Yahoo & Scope3 team up for carbon-neutral private ad marketplace in Yahoo SSP 

Advertisers buying through Yahoo’s SSP will be able to find and buy carbon neutral Green Media Products, powered by Scope3, which can help organisations meet their sustainability goals. 

“It is important that the industry moves and considers sustainability in buying decisions. As the whole industry is on a journey to move to being more sustainable, we are excited to bring access to green media, powered by Scope3’s data, through our Yahoo SSP,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer at Yahoo. 

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Instagram nixes shop tab with new post button returning to main navigation 

Instagram is pulling the plug on the shop tab at the bottom of the app’s main navigation. In its place, the create post button will revert to its previous home.  

The change is slated to come into effect in February with the company saying that it wants to “make it easier for people to share and connect with their friends and interests.” 

The Meta-owned photo- and video-sharing app has been testing the redesign since last year and, clearly, it has proven successful with users. 

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YouTube to roll out short’s revenue sharing program from February 

YouTube is set to start rolling out its revenue sharing program for adverts viewed in between videos on its shorts feed. 

The new revenue sharing plan, which will be available to creators who meet the eligibility criteria, will replace the existing YouTube Shorts Fund. However, YouTube said that it expects most creators to earn more money with the new revenue sharing model than from the Shorts Fund. 

In order to start earning money from the revenue sharing scheme, creators will have to be signed up to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Creators need to have gained1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days to be eligible for Shorts revenue sharing. 

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The ACCC is gunning for misleading influencers 

Competition watchdog the ACCC is launching an investigation into the influencer marketing sector to identify misleading and deceptive behaviour. 

The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) and Industry body AiMCO (Australian Influencer Marketing Council) have been in talks about targeting high profile cases of influencers making false statements promoting products, omitting key information and not clearly labelling posts that have been paid for by sponsors or advertisers. 

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Twitter, Meta, Apple in the spotlight over ad practices, plus more: What you missed globally over the holiday 

The first week of 2023 has witnessed significant regulatory and business movements within global media, marketing and tech sectors. Here are the key stories from the holiday period. 

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