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Global study finds audiences rate ads on streamed TV higher than linear

A huge 56% of TikTokers have purchased a product promoted on the platform and 92% are purchase-ready

The global report, ‘Understanding Advertising Engagement across different viewing platform types’, has today been launched by Samsung Ads, in partnership with research company Verve. The study compared key markets in Europe and APAC to garner a better understanding of what drives audiences to engage with advertising experiences across the TV landscape. Smart TV audiences in the UK, Germany, Australia and India were asked about their ad experiences across linear TV, FAST/AVOD, BVOD and SVOD.

The study found that ads within FAST/AVOD environments are perceived by global audiences as shorter and therefore less disruptive, contributing to their greater likelihood of being watched.

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TikTok finds the eight codes of Aussie joy

“Sparking Aussie Joy,” which was produced with cultural insights and strategy agency Crowd DNA, identifies eight emerging codes of joy in the Aussie TikTok userbase that brands can tap into.

The video-sharing app said that joy can be found in four key themes, “Me,” “We,” “Play,” and “Purpose.” When used as the axes on a four-way continuum, the themes can help illustrate what makes a TikTok video or ad more relatable to Aussie consumers.

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Facebook hits 2bn daily active users in Q4 as meta declares a ‘year of efficiency’ for 2023

Twitter has launched Search Keywords Ads, a new conversion campaign objective in the Twitter Ads interfac

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has reported its Q4 and full-year earnings. While the company continued on a downward slope for the fourth consecutive quarter in revenue, it maintained a growth trend for uptakes as Facebook hit 2 billion daily active users (DAUs).

In the quarter that ended 31 December 2022, Meta posted US$32.1 billion (A$45 billion) in revenue, a decrease of 4% year-over-year (YoY). The result sat on the higher end of Meta’s projection in Q3.

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Microsoft store gets ads

Microsoft is introducing advertisements on its app store. The company has encouraged developers to be the first to use the service, as it announced the news in its developer blog.

Experts have already critiqued the tech giant’s move as similar systems for iOS and Android have failed to provide the best experience.

As part of the launch, Microsoft has redesigned its Microsoft Store app for desktop to look and feel more like a mobile app store, as well as allowing customers to download Microsoft Store apps for either mobile or PC.

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Taboola beta tests AI into ad platform

Open web platform Taboola is experimenting with integrating generative AI, including ChatGPT by OpenAI, into its ad platform.

One application of the technology enables advertisers to use AI to generate optimised ads, titles and content.

Advertisers will be able to quickly generate multiple ad variations using natural language processing and machine learning, allowing them to choose creative content based on their queries with the ultimate goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

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