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Emma Phillpot

Get stuck into fast facts, or deep detail on this week’s hottest tech media takes. 

Remarkably, 100 million people use Bing every single day 

Bing has reached 100 million daily active users — and Microsoft said that much of the growth has come from its BingAI search engine. 

Bing users are engaging in roughly three chats with its AI tools per session. More than 45 million total chats since the preview began. 15 per cent of Chat sessions are people using Bing to generate new content. 

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Influencers can make people live more sustainably, Unilever study finds 

Social media creators have the opportunity to help save the planet. TikTok and Instagram users place significant trust in these platforms for sustainability information, and three in four people are more likely to take up sustainable behaviours after watching eco-conscious content. 

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TikTok’s agency accelerator program reopens for 2023

TikTok for Business has launched the second year of its TikTok agency accelerator program. 

Designed to champion the growth of emerging leaders within the media agency sector, the program provides an opportunity to accelerate professional development whilst diving into topics that explore the intersection between culture and new age storytelling. 

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Reddit Launches TikTok-style infinite scroll for text & videos 

Reddit is the latest social company to take a leaf out of TikTok’s book and has launched Read and Watch — two infinitely scrolling feeds of content. 

The new feeds will be available on the Reddit app and can be switched between at a user’s leisure. The traditional Reddit feed will not go anywhere. 

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New research finds brand impact twice as effective on TV than nearest competitor 

A Kantar study commissioned by industry body ThinkTV has found Total TV generates twice the overall brand impact than the second-best channel, online display. 

The study consists of a meta-analysis of 179 campaigns measured against four metrics: brand awareness, brand association, brand motivation and brand consideration. It also examined the performance of individual channels on their own (solus impact) and in conjunction with others (interaction impact). 

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