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Emma Phillpot

Get stuck into fast facts, or deep detail on this week’s hottest tech takes. 

Microsoft pitching AI to advertisers

Microsoft is reportedly in talks with advertising agencies about its AI-powered Bing search engine.

Microsoft and Google are in a race to launch AI chatbots to enhance search engines, following the success of Open AI’s ChatGPT.

Some analysts see danger to Google if it falls behind in the tech AI build.

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Snapchat tops 750 million monthly active users

Snapchat has announced that it reached 750 million monthly active users at an investor day.

While it isn’t quite the two billion users that Facebook can boast, the company said that it is targeting a billion users in the next two or three years.

In addition to announcing its record users, the company also teased some new product offerings including its 3D Snap Map and Communities.

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Prepare for the golden age of PR

In a long running trend that accelerated through the pandemic, the influence of PR profession grew and transformed. We went from having the ear of the CEO on critical reputation issues, to being trusted advisors on a depth of business issues, helping to navigate the uncertain times that we face as Australians, keeping our staff engaged, communities safe and organisations thriving.

But it’s not just the value of our professional opinion that was enhanced, the value of the work that we do was transubstantiated.

There are a couple of factors underlying this shift.

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Amplified intelligence report shows Foxtel viewers more engaged than free-to-air

A new study by Amplified Intelligence, commissioned by Foxtel Media, shows Foxtel audiences are more engaged than free-to-air viewers.

The research set out to compare human attention, advertising engagement and watchability on BVOD and linear platforms including Foxtel and free-to-air offerings.

It was conducted on a 300-home Australian panel with Amplified Intelligence recording 27,000 human attention views, 2,335 program sessions, 1,005 brand ads, and 134 live programs.

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Meta increases ad transparency

Meta, formally Facebook, is launching a new iteration of its ‘why am I seeing this ad?’ tool.

Created nearly a decade ago to give people information about why they see certain ads across our technologies, the relaunch will provide more transparency about how online activity informs machine learning to shape and deliver ads.

Beginning today, the “Why am I seeing this ad?” tool on Facebook will include….

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