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Tech Snacks

Emma Phillpot

Get stuck into fast facts, or deep detail on this week’s hottest tech snacks. 

Adobe Launches New Features For Premiere Pro, After Effects & 

Adobe has announced a raft of new changes to its Creative Cloud family of content creation tools — including big changes to Premiere Pro. 

Text-based editing, powered by its AI and machine learning tech tool Adobe Sensei, has come to Premiere Pro. It automatically analyses and transcribes clips so editors, producers and assistants can simply copy and paste sentences and instantly see them appear on the timeline.  

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Why big picture thinking is the key to enhancing the customer journey 

When considering the fundamentals of marketing, one thing stays the same; customer journeys happen whether you architect them or not. This isn’t ground-breaking for most marketers, however the most successful recognise how critical it is. They’re deliberate about understanding their customers’ journeys – from the very first touchpoint with their brand, all the way to repeat business.  

Yet many Australian businesses continue to rely on singular touchpoints from individual teams to inform them about customers’ experiences, like calls with a sales representative or interactions with support via chat bot or email. 

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Instagram Reels Adds New Metrics, Trend Discovery 

Instagram has rolled out new updates to its short-form Reels product, including new metrics for analysis and a trending feature to show popular sounds. 

Instagram will now be able to get total watch time and average watch time metrics. Total watch time captures the total amount of time a reel was played, including any time spent replaying the reel. 

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Global media consumption surged 2.7% in 2022

Global consumer media usage, via digital and traditional media channels, grew 2.7% to an average of 55.81 hours a week in 2022, according to PQ Media, a global provider of media econometrics.. 

This followed a deceleration in time spent with media growth to 1.7% in 2021, which came after the fastest increase in media consumption in 15 years in 2020 with a pandemic-fueled surge of 3.3%. 

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Public cloud adoption ‘set to surge’ in ANZ

Public cloud adoption is set to surge in the ANZ region and by 2026 will generate billions of dollars in new revenue for organisations within the cloud tech ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand, according to a newly published whitepaper. 

The enormous revenue predictions includes organisations implementing public cloud tech – that is, customers – as well as suppliers of the hardware, software and services that enable its delivery, according to the whitepaper. 

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