Creating a Brand to Take the Pain

out of Visiting the Doctor

EasyVisit Putting Patients First

Project Scope
Visual brand language
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CX recommendations
Strategic communications



IPN, Australia’s largest medical centre network (part of Sonic Clinical Services, Australia’s largest primary care provider), launched an App designed to improve the patient – doctor experience by giving patients better visibility and control over appointments and waiting times. IPN asked us to create the naming, brand architecture, and messaging for the new App.



First we conducted a brand audit of competitor Apps to analyse current approaches to App naming and design. This led us to differentiate the brand’s strategic communications by putting patients first and focusing on the emotional benefits of the App (not the functionality). To further shape our brand story, we then ran two brand strategy workshops with Leadership and Operational teams at IPN to distil the App’s purpose, positioning, proposition and personality.


The Brand Identity was defined and articulated through a brand blueprint and creative platform, including the name of the App - EasyVisit, and key messaging ‘taking the pain out of GP visits’. Alongside the fresh brand identity, we created the logo, visual brand language, brand guidelines, and CX recommendations.


We launched a new medical brand that takes the hassle out of healthcare for Australians everywhere, as 75% of Australians live within 10 kilometres of an IPN centre.

The App is currently ranked 6th in medical apps on the App Store, with a Customer Review Rating of 4 out of 5 stars, from over 1400 reviews.

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