Decoding tech brands

The Australian tech sector is the third largest contributor to Australian GDP, accounting for $167BN of GDP; and 861,000 jobs 1 . However, it may be that Australian Tech Brands are lagging behind by prioritising product over people in their brand strategies and messaging. Are they limiting their chances for business success at a critical moment in this rapidly expanding sector? And can the detail of how a brand is built, impact business success?


Our breakthrough study with the University of Sydney Business school shows that, more than simply impacting your business; getting the semiotics of your brand right can deliver a series of incremental gains to impact the top and bottom lines. Powered by robust academic research, balanced by real world examples, this is a first of its’ kind study.

Download the Decoding Tech Brands report today, to discover how to get a head start on building your brand right, from the start, by:

  • Knowing your market - understand common trends and strategies adopted by tech brands.
  • Battling for recognition – make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Balancing function and emotion – connect with heads, hearts and hip pockets.
  • Making it meaningful – drive relationships; not just moments of connection.
  • Futureproofing your brand – learn how tech brand building differs by business life stage
  • Plus so much more…

  1. The Economic Contribution of Australia’s tech sector, Tech Council of Australia, 2021.

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