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Hotwire Headlines #47

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Platforms are tackling misinformation to provide brand safety for advertisers

In recent news, Google takes a stand against content denying climate change, TikTok unveils its well-being hub to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, and 9Honey launches its new parenting vertical.

Google demonetises content denying climate change

Google has revealed it is taking a stand against climate change denial, a little over a week after YouTube announced its ban on all anti-vax content.

Google will now prohibit the monetisation of content that “that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change” the company said in a blog.

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TikTok launches new well-being hub

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, TikTok has launched a new wellbeing content hub for its community in Australia and New Zealand. The hub offers a centralised and dedicated destination for tools, expert advice, and content that supports holistic wellbeing across both mind and body.

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9Honey Parenting launched as rebranded vertical  

Leading women’s lifestyle network 9Honey has today begun a new era of its editorial offering to parents and soon-to-be parents, with the launch of their 9Honey Parenting vertical.

9Honey Mums, Essential Kids and Essential Baby will all be rebranded into one site, 9Honey Parenting. To coincide with the re-brand, 9Honey Parenting will feature exclusive columns by actress and mum-of-two Tammin Sursok; dad-of-two and reality TV star Matty Johnson, and motivational speaker, author and mum of two, Turia Pitt.

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Research reveal what CMOs want from their agencies

CMOs believe the brands of today are built through digitally enabled experiences, according to an annual study of leading marketers by dentsu’s global digital experience agency Isobar.

More than four out of five (82%) CMOs have shifted or are shifting their marketing spend online. And 86% of CMOs agree that a majority of the interactions consumers have with brands happen online.

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Facebook decouples Facebook and Instagram accounts for advertising

Facebook announced Facebook and Instagram profiles will be treated as two separate people by advertisers, asking people to opt-in before it links accounts in a privacy-focused move.

Previously, Facebook counted someone with multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts as one person for ads if they linked their accounts or if the accounts were registered to the same email.

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