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Hotwire Headlines #49

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What untapped opportunities lie within the CMO-CIO relationship?

In recent news, new research reveals why CMOs and CIOs should align and collaborate for growth, marketers tackle the era of ‘new globalisation’, and YouTube integrates an e-commerce offering into its ad format.

CMOs and CIOs should leap together into a hybrid future

According to the latest report from Forrester Research, to deliver growth CMOs and CIO must focus on hybrid customer experiences (both physical and digital). The way to achieve this is to align their teams and collaborate on a united marketing and tech strategy. Forrester found the CMO-CIO relationship paying business dividends when they buddy up to see, understand and service customers – the highest priority for any business.

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How leading brands are tackling globalisation

Speed, artificial intelligence, sustainability and resilient supply chains are just a few of the priorities revealed as being fundamental to brands thriving in the new era of globalisation. The Drum, together with Economist Impact, enlisted a panel of experts to explore what ‘new globalisation’ means for marketers. They also offered insight and advice on how to futureproof marketing strategies to tackle the biggest challenges of tomorrow.

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The state of marketing leadership

Marketing teams pride themselves on their ability to tap the consumer and cultural zeitgeist to bring their brands to life and generate growth. In the CMO50 for 2021, change, challenge, collaborate, communicate are the four Cs that sum up the marketing leader’s path to business impact. The team at CMO and CMO50 judges reflect on what it takes to be an innovative and effective marketing leader in these unprecedented times.

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YouTube launches new ad formats

The rise of Connected TV or smart TVs has prompted YouTube to add an e-commerce aspect to its ad offering. New interactive ads will allow viewers to click on a button within the ad they’re watching on a Connected TV, which sends a link immediately to their mobile device. For advertisers, it provides an opportunity to connect directly with a consumer on the big screen.

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Australian teens uncomfortable with targeted advertising

A recent survey by YouGov shows that the majority of teenagers want the ‘right to delete’ their account, with 81% of those surveyed saying they would like to delete their account and with it their personal data. The survey also reveals some other statistics around teenagers’ mistrust, with over 80% of teens reporting seeing targeted ads that made them uncomfortable and 58% of respondents considered themselves to be uninformed about where their personal data is being shared.

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