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What influence does media consumption have over Australians‘ habits and behaviours?

In recent news more than 30 independent Aussie publishers participate in a 24-hour news freeze in response to the outcome of Facebook’s Australian News Fund, as a report reveals the vast majority of Australians are worried about the spread of fake news where media consumption greatly influences their habits and behaviours. Meanwhile, new research shows that Australian marketers are missing the mark by alienating Boomers, and The Australian launches its first daily news podcast.

Independent publishers go dark for 24 hours in media funding protest

More than 30 independent publishers did not publish news for 24 hours in response to the outcome of Facebook’s Australian News Fund.

The news freeze intended to let the world know that small and medium news publishers are #WaitingOnZuck to pay for journalism and content that appears on the Facebook platform.

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Almost nine in ten Australians are worried about the spread of fake news

A new report from magazine and newspaper subscription service, Readly reports that 89% of Aussies show a growing concern for fake news with the majority of Australians believing this will only worsen over the next three years.

The study also found the majority of people (66%) believe that their media consumption makes a difference in their lives, and 34% believe their media consumption affects their habits, interests and choices of hobbies.

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Marketers are alienating Boomers and 46% of Australia’s disposable income

New research has revealed Australian marketing is missing the mark and could be alienating boomers – the age group holding almost half (46%) of the country’s disposable income and the highest spenders on leisure activities including entertainment, auto, health, travel and other categories.

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The Australian launches Daily National News Podcast

The Australian has launched its first daily news podcast – The Front, which brings the national broadsheet’s journalism to on-demand audio.

The Front will be hosted by The Australian’s editorial director, Claire Harvey, with each 15-minute episode featuring the day’s essential page one stories, journalists’ candid take on the issues that matter and behind-the-scenes insight from The Australian’s newsrooms.

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Google leaves out Independent Candidates from its Transparency report

Google’s transparency report is a collection of stats based on how much money political candidates and parties are spending on their ads and other forms of campaigns (videos, photos, text, etc.) online.

In its latest collection of data based on money spent for political campaigns, the tech giant failed to include several of Australia’s major independent politicians, creating many questions in regards to the upcoming federal elections.

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