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Are marketers’ social ads actually reaching their target audience?

In recent news, research shows the actual reach of social ads on Facebook and Instagram, which brands Aussies trust most and why, and the fragmented and fast-moving state of customer expectations. Moreover, News Corp announces a Federal Debate series and media agencies react to the pending purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk and its impact on advertising.

New survey reveals which brands, charities and professions Aussies trust most

Reader’s Digest Australia commissioned independent market research agency Catalyst to conduct a stand-alone survey of more than 3,000 Australians, representing a cross-section of the consumer market and reviewing 75 different categories.

Rather than product self-endorsement, respondents believe more in their fellow consumer and also in proven performance. As such, people are increasingly looking for ‘trust signals’ in brands. These include everything from user testimonials and positive star ratings, through to awards success.

From air conditioners to tyres and vitamins, the survey reveals Australia’s most trusted brands in 75 categories.

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Research finds consumer expectations are more fragmented and fast-changing than ever

A new study has found consumer expectations are more fragmented and shifting faster than ever before following recent crises including the pandemic, extreme weather events and armed conflict.

The research, conducted by consumer intelligence company Talkwalker, analysed 145,000 social media conversations of 100 global brands between February 2020 to February 2022 to understand what topics people cared most about when engaging with brands online.

The vast majority (64 per cent) of conversations were self-focused with the most common consumer expectations in this category being faster customer service (26 per cent), understanding what consumers want (17 per cent), and easier customer service (15 per cent).

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Social ads are not actually reaching their target audience on Facebook and Instagram

The results of a recent study by social media analyst Sotrender have revealed that only a small amount of social media ads posted on Facebook and Instagram (platforms owned by Meta) are actually finding their target audience.

The research points out that while these campaigns are less pricey, they’re also less efficient as they have almost no effect, failing to provide any sufficient turnover for their businesses. As a result, all that leads to is a simple burn up of advertising budgets.

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News Corp Announces Federal Debate Series

News Corp Australia has announced details of its Federal Debate live series, aiming to put politicians vying for the public vote under scrutiny.

The debate series brings together a whole swathe of Australian news outlets, including but not limited to The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Advertiser, The Courier Mail, The Weekly Times, The Australian, and Sky News Australia.

The series will include several elements, starting off with live-streamed debates moderated by Joe Hildebrand on Facebook live and other outlets.

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Media agencies weigh in on Elon Musk’s Twitter and what it could mean for advertisers

Media agencies say any relaxing of content moderation on Twitter, under the ownership of Elon Musk, will impact the willingness of brands to advertise.

Musk, whose $US44 billion bid for the social media platform has been accepted, has talked up free speech and most have taken this to mean open slather commenting.

Will it be a good or bad thing for advertisers?

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