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Applications open: Introducing the Hotwire Ignite Possibility Program

Jaime Nelson

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The Hotwire Ignite Possibility Program (HIPP) has been created to help tech enabled organisations realise their potential in benefiting minority communities. Because at Hotwire, we’re driven by human centred storytelling in tech. Why? It empowers us to drive effective communications.

What is HIPP?

A program specifically aimed at amplifying the people and organisations creating meaningful and sustainable change in the world through technology. Applications are open from now until 18th June, 2021.

Launched as a global Hotwire initiative, Hotwire is committing to $1M USD globally in marketing services over the next three years. This includes everything from branding to PR and content and social. Focusing on sharing marketing expertise with tech enabled organisations supporting minority communities in Australia.

So, if you’re a tech enabled organisation and you have a business problem innovative marketing could solve, read on.

Who can enter HIPP?

You can. HIPP is launched with people like you in mind. As well as any other organisation working to make a change that benefits minority communities. Entries can be made through this online form between now and 18th June, 2021.

Many in the tech industry want to see change. And we want to be the team that helps make it happen.

What’s the application process?

Between now and 18th June, organisations are invited to apply for a brand, PR, comms and/or social media grant.

After applications close, we will share a shortlist of applicants. These applicants will then take part in a screening call and initial brief to ensure Hotwire is the best partner to solve your business problem.

Once the organisation/s is selected – we’ll start working. This process has been created to treat this work, as any other client work. Meaning you will have all of our resources available at your fingertips.

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