CA Technologies target Barclays Bank and HSBC


CA Technologies has been a trusted partner to large retail banks, supporting their business transformation through an era of profound and rapid change. As banks become more and more like technology companies to meet their customers' changing needs CA Technologies invested in an ABM program to target their most valued customers with a dedicated campaign that both complemented and celebrated the work being
done by account and client teams.


CA Technologies is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between business and technology to help build the bank of tomorrow – agile, innovative, digital-first and designed with resilience built in for a rapidly changing world. Delivering this value statement to key IT and technology stakeholders within Barclay’s Bank and HSBC was the focus and ensuring that the creative visuals and campaign wrapper elevated this message the challenge. Each account lead at CA Technologies focused on what made the opportunity with the bank unique and highlighted the concepts and the themes that would ignite the attention of their most important customers. The creative imitated HSBC’s brand look and feel to imitate their brand and their goals.


This campaign resulted in $5m pipeline for the HSBC account following deployment and 12 weeks in market, the account team were able to pick up on a sizeable opportunity and move forwards with their engagement with the bank. In addition, brand awareness and the overall positioning into the account saw an increase of 24% exposure which was reflected in the Net Promoter Score survey run at the end of the financial year.



Pipeline generated for HSBC


Result timeline


Brand awareness and exposure


Impact on Net Promoter Score

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