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Hotwire Headlines #4

From Australia: The latest in tech and innovation

In recent news, 5G is set to bring big returns for businesses, Government websites lack proper security measures, and e-commerce retailers have a mammoth holiday season ahead.

5G will generator 44% of global operator revenue by 2025: Juniper Research

According to Juniper Research, operator-billed revenue from 5G connections will stretch to $357 billion by 2025 – up from just $5 billion in 2020. It also forecasts that the average 5G connection will generate 250% more revenue than the average cellular connection.
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Outdated libraries leave Government websites vulnerable, researchers say

A recent audit from the Optus Macquarie Cyber Security Hub revealed that out of 1800 public-facing state, territory and federal Government websites, more than half are vulnerable to attacks and insecure data transmission.
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E-commerce expected to triple in volume in Australia for holiday season

Data from eStore Logistics suggests 2020’s holiday season will boom, with Australian e-commerce retailers expected to see a 200-300% increase in sales – up from just 80% in 2019. The analysis confirms the impact COVID-19 has had on consumer spending habits as the nation’s retailers shift operations online.
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Just 17 unique cases found by COVIDSafe app

The COVIDSafe app, which has received 7 million downloads, has only identified 17 unique cases of COVID-19 since its release in April. Now, the Government is being criticised for the roll out of the app which cost taxpayers up to $70 million.
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Apple and Google’s web-controlling pact under threat in US lawsuit

The partnership between Apple and Google is in jeopardy after the US Justice Department filed the biggest anti-trust lawsuit in two decades. The pact has been increasingly scrutinised by regulators who say it unfairly prevents smaller companies from flourishing.
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How Amazon integrated into a university degree

From next year, Swinburne University will offer an associate degree in cloud technologies that has been co-developed with AWS. The aim is to equip tech talent with the capabilities and confidence needed to adapt as the nature of work changes, without them having to commit to a full degree.
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