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Hotwire Headlines #45

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How are Australians engaging with brand content?

In recent news, News Corp releases new research into the power of brand content, the opportunity for marketers within the projected post-pandemic ‘revenge spending’ is explored, and an ACCC inquiry finds Google’s dominance in the adtech supply chain to be harmful.

News Corp unveils study on the power of brand content

‘The Power of Brand Content’ study commissioned by News Corp Australia’s content agencies reveals that brand content has become a powerful tool in the purchase process for consumers. The report found that 73% of Australians engage with brand content weekly, with three in four consumers feeling more positively towards a brand that provides them with valuable content.

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Marketers should prepare for post-pandemic ‘revenge spending’

New research from retail media group Shopper, ‘Urge to Splurge Post-Pandemic Revenge Spending Study’ found that almost half (47%) of Australian consumers are planning a significant purchase when restrictions ease, with 59% preferring to buy big-ticket items in-store compared with 19% who would go online. The change in consumer retail spending represents a potent opportunity for marketers in the lead up to restrictions ending to encourage shoppers to spend their post-pandemic income closer to home, where they feel comfortable.

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Study reveals disinformation risk among Australian news websites

New research conducted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) has revealed just over a quarter of Australian news websites may deliberately publish inaccurate content to suit agendas, while most others should do more to demonstrate they are trustworthy, according to new research.

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ACCC inquiry finds Google’s dominance in adtech supply chain is harmful

An inquiry into the adtech sector has found Google’s dominance in the supply chain harms business and consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been looking into markets for the supply of digital advertising technology services and digital advertising agency services since February 2020.

In its final report, the watchdog found the sector has “significant” competition concerns and that existing Australian laws are not enough to address the issues. Instead, the ACCC recommends it be given powers to develop rules in response.

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TikTok passes 1 billion monthly users milestone

TikTok says it now has more than one billion people on its platform every month, reaching more potential consumers than ever before. The social media giant also recently expanded its Australian footprint, establishing an office early last year after seeing enormous growth since the pandemic began. With TikTok continuing to grow its Australian presence and media consumption spiking worldwide, the company is steadily becoming an attractive platform for brands and marketers to engage with Australian consumers.

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