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How are Australian marketers driving engagement on TikTok?

In recent news, Workplace from Meta announces its integration with Whatsapp, Instagram begins testing subscriptions for creators, UNSW becomes the first university in ANZ to reach one million engagements on TikTok, Ovira amasses over a million TikTok followers and the rise of demarketing as a sustainability approach.  

Meta Announces Communication Tool Workplace Will Integrate with Whatsapp

Workplace from Meta has announced an integration with WhatsApp that makes it easier for organisations to reach their workforces—and update that is especially pertinent to those on the frontline who are often the least connected.

Expected this year, the integration will enable companies to share posts from Workplace with employees over WhatsApp. In doing so, organisations will be able to ensure information and updates reach frontline workers where they are in real-time.

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Instagram begins testing subscriptions

Instagram has begun testing subscriptions for creators to help them earn a more “predictable” income on the app.

The US trial is the latest monetisation feature from the app, owned by Meta, and comes after Subscriptions was launched on Facebook in 2020.

Instagram Subscriptions allows creators to grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits within Instagram.

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UNSW is Australia First University to Hit One Million Engagements on TikTok

UNSW Sydney has reached one million engagements on TikTok – the first university in Australia and New Zealand to do so.

With over eight million views across 150 videos, UNSW is leading the way in a new, more authentic way to talk to students on social media.

With TikTok rising to power as a mainstream social media platform in late 2019, the UNSW Social Media Team suspended Snapchat in place of the new medium, recognising the unique potential to engage with future students and identify an opportunity to reveal a side of UNSW that the community hadn’t experienced before.

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Ovira gains over a million TikTok followers by teaching about women’s health

Melbourne based women’s health startup Ovira has quickly amassed over a million TikTok followers, with the period pain relief business using the platform to educate its audience.

Like many Australian businesses, Ovira took the leap over to TikTok in 2021. It started out with review videos from customers, before founder Alice Williams saw that the platform could be used to educate young women about their bodies and sexual health. From here, Ovira used humour to connect with its audience.

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Demarketing: How marketers avoid becoming a sustainability problem

Sustainability and growing concerns has raised a key question: How does marketing itself avoid being the key cause of the environmental degradation so many brands are now working against?

CMO explores the question, if the purpose of marketing is to influence people to consume a product or service, then isn’t marketing itself one of the key causes of the environmental degradation so many brands are now working against?

Including interviews with Planet Ark’s co-CEO and TerraCycle’s head of ANZ, this article investigates the rise of demarketing.

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