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Hotwire Headlines #29

Deliver impact, with the latest digital marketing and advertising trends

Marketing is dramatically changing and it’s time-consuming to stay on top of the latest trends—and to predict which of them will lead to innovative, effective, marketing strategies.

This week, we’re diving into the latest trends in digital advertising; the acceleration of the mobile app economy; how video helped one pharmaceutical company build credibility; the challenges marketers face in the post-cookie world; and Australian consumers’ TV ad preferences.

Digital ad investment lifts with retail advertising surging in 2021

New data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that retail advertising is surging, suggesting positive overall health of the Australian economy and increasing consumer confidence. Australia’s digital advertising market has shown a strong rebound, increasing by 25.8 per cent since last year, and reaching $2.8 billion in March 2021.

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How video communications is helping AstraZeneca drive engagement and credibility

Bound by the Therapeutic Goods Act, AstraZeneca were not allowed to communicate directly with the public about any of its medicines, including its COVID-19 vaccine—but many people held an opinion on the vaccine and wanted answers. After receiving government approval—a significant regulatory milestone—the company was allowed to begin communicating with the public and chose video as its primary medium to do so. Through an in-house broadcast studio, the pharmaceutical company held a virtual press conference to respond to media in a professional, yet emotive way, building credibility and confidence in itself and the vaccine. With video providing a human-centric approach to communicating crucial information, marketers should always consider it as an important medium when the stakes are high.

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92 per cent of Australians prefer ads on connected TV over linear

According to Integral Ad Science (IAS), nine in 10 Australian consumers prefer the advertising experience of connected TV (CTV) over linear TV. Interestingly, it also found that 74 per cent use their connected TVs to watch ad-supported programming on YouTube—making it the most popular ad-supported content on CTV. The demand for advertising on CTV is growing exponentially due to its increasing targeting options, increased measurement and transparency, and CTV’s ability to be bought programmatically.

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Burner email addresses pose post-cookie risk for remarketing and first party data plays

In the post-cookie era, emails are shaping up to be a key identifier for marketers. However, disposable email addresses could pose a significant risk to first party databases and waste huge amounts of remarketing spend. With high volumes of spam likely to drive a shift to disposable emails, this will represent a key challenge for publishers, brands, and adtech firms to overcome.

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Mobile app growth up by 31 per cent according to new report

A new report from marketing analytics firm Adjust has found mobile app growth continues to accelerate globally in 2021. After climbing 50 per cent across all verticals year-over-year in 2020, app installs are up 31 per cent this year. The app economy continues to provide opportunities for marketers to reach their target audiences, but success still heavily relies on strong UX that is backed by a data-driven strategy.

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